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    a little known fact

    so speaking of harlem crit… here’s a little story you might enjoy. in the 80’s there was a tough racer from australia named danny clark. he was well known track start and an accomplished crit monster. this one time brian was racing in the harlem crit when danny clark showed up and before long he lapped the field solo. now, before you say something about how short that circuit is just wait a second… the story isn’t over yet. before the finish danny clark lapped the entire field again. that’s right. one man lapped the entire field twice in one race. i mean, seriously… what do you say about something like that?

    when brian told me that story i got curious about danny clark’s exploits in the past. the really disturbing part about this story is that, turns out, he actually has a history of making these impossible stories possible. 

    check out this link:

    — 6 years ago