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    gimbel’s ride 2008.3.30

    hey guess who didn’t get dropped 2 weeks in a row? that would be me. sox, the super stud. i’ve come to measure my performance in small victories over the last couple of months. not getting dropped (like i did 3 weeks ago) is a solid win in my book. so is not getting cramped up in the last miles of the ride. staying on robert’s wheel without opening up a gap the size of texas? that felt like winning the life time achievement award.

    that’s mostly what i concentrated on today. stay at the front of the pack and contribute. with most of the boys off to the races this morning, that resolution seemed within my grasp. 

    the pace was definitely in my favor as well. steady enough to pull through without paying too much for it afterwards. it was mostly 2-man show. robert, obviously, and that guy on seven ti kept the pack moving with some purpose.

    despite the lack of any real attacks, gaps inevitably appeared on few spots but the pack was more than willing to close them down before letting them get out of control.

    it’s pretty obvious that several of the ‘worker bees’ have been piling on the miles. and it shows. tommy, wayne, that guy on cervelo… they are all becoming key contributors in making the regular ride fast and steady enough to feel safe(r) than it ever did in recent years. and that’s a beautiful thing.

    wayne told me he did the billygoat ride twice on monday, and tommy’s been consistently averaging 1,000 miles a month this year. as i disappear further into the region of oblivious has-been, it’s good to see more riders taking charge and forcing the pack to ride the way we should, the way we are all capable of. 

    — 6 years ago